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In addition to the air clearing and health benefits, the salt lamps are beautiful and functional. No two lamps are alike; each lamp is unique, and each piece is a sculptured work of art. The lamps produce a soft calming glow. The beauty is a bonus.

There are so many amazing benefits from Himalayan Salt Lamps that you may not fully realize how powerful these lamps can be for your home's atmosphere and your family’s health.People all over the world are coming to understand the immense benefits from the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

People also appreciate having natural objects that can help them feel better and have less stress and more energy. These Himalayan Salt Lamps can do all these things and more. People are also experiencing fewer headaches, and their migraines have virtually disappeared while using the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Whatever your reason for purchasing the Himalayan Salt Lamps, you will feel good knowing that many others have had a lot of success in their lives with these lamps and other Himalayan Salt products. This has enabled them to lead healthier, happier lives.

In addition to the salt lamps, we offer edible Himalayan Pink Salt. It has been shown to contain 84 minerals, every mineral the body requires for life and health, and unlike refined table salt, it does not tend to raise your blood pressure. It balances the electrolytes needed for natural health maintenance.


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  •  Himalayan Salt Lamps can be placed in any room of the house. 
  • They are great for use in yoga or meditation rooms. 
  • Perfect for spas and massage rooms.
  • Salt lamps have been known to help with allergies and asthma.
Salt Bowl

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps and Products

Himalayan Salt Crystal is an all natural product that comes directly from the earth. The salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains formed over 200 million years ago. It is so pure that it requires little or no refining.

Salt crystal lamps propagate negative Ions that purify the surrounding air. These negative ions attach to the positive ions in the air and neutralize them.

Positive ions are introduced into the air by such things as air conditioners, computers, electronic devices, light fixtures, appliances, pollution, etc. They are not helpful to our human physical system.

Nikola Tesla's research showed that too many positive ions in the air will cause you to feel depressed, lethargic and full of aches, pains and complaints. More negative ions in the air cause you to feel energized, calm and clearer. The air is actually purer, fresher and cleaner.

By placing a lamp in a room, as it heats up, the lamp emits negative ions, thereby increasing the ratio of negative to positive ions, cleansing the air in a natural way. This is the same process as a thunderstorm causing the air to feel clean and fresh, or the calming effect you feel when you're near a stream or waterfall. This is nature's way of cleaning the air we breathe.

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Salt was once considered so important to life that the highest compliment you could be paid was that you were worth your weight in salt. Now we say, "worth your weight in gold," but the original saying was salt.




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